Since its founding in 1980, Harmonic Design® (called hd) has stood for the development, production and sale of innovative loudspeaker systems and acoustic services. Our customers are musicians, professional PA systems rental companies, installation companies, hi-fi companies and industrial companies.

Made & Engineered In Germany

Harmonic Design products are designed, developed and manufactured entirely by hand in South Germany Steinheim an der Murr. From regional suppliers from southern Germany, only high quality and durable components and components are sourced. Thus we achieve an extremely high quality and reliability of our products.

Over 39 Years of Experience

Since its founding in 1980, Harmonic Design has stood for research, development and production of innovative loudspeaker systems and acoustic services. We thought early in systems and established the use of system controllers (then still analogous) as early as 1988. The MLSSA measuring system took computer-aided speaker development to a new level in the early ’90s. This was followed in 1994 by the first digital signal processor with pioneering filter options. In recent years, we have developped technologies such as the GroupDelayCorrection or the PowerSound algorithm.

Ultimate System Conception

Harmonic Design active systems consist of the loudspeaker box, the digital system controller and the amplifier. The individual components are networked together and ensure easy operation, highest sound quality and enormous reliability. The individual loudspeaker boxes are interchangeable, so as to be able to achieve the optimum result depending on the application and requirement.

Audiophile Top Performance

Harmonic Design speaker systems are well known for their neutral, linear sound. With the latest methods and measuring techniques, the speaker components are examined and improved to the smallest detail. The linearity is characterized not only by the flat frequency response, but also by the impulse response accuracy, precisely graduated tonal depth and minimal distortions.

The Harmonic Design Philosophy

The holistic system consisting of loudspeaker box, digital system controller and amplifier represents our understanding of a future-oriented system. The individual components are individually optimized and unfold their full potential in combination as a system: The sound pattern is faithful, the power is exceptional and the handling is simple.

Our Cooperate Goals

As a long-standing and reliable partner of many distributors, rental companies, system integrators, planners, musicians and producers, we want to continue to work alongside you and offer practical top-of-the-range products. The development of new, innovative technologies for the improvement of products plays a key role.

What We Provide

Harmonic Design offers innovative products with practical orientation that operate due to their specifications, sound quality and diversity in the highest level available in the audio industry. Our products serve professional sound engineers, musicians, DJs, rental companies and system integrators as perfectly matched tools to best support their daily work and performance. The handling and appearance are extremely minimal and unobtrusive, making the sound system almost invisible, connecting the audience to the performance and focusing on the performance itself. We want to optimally support you in your applications. Therefore, we not only offer well thought-out products, but also a personal contact person for questions, advice and support. Contact us!


Telefon detalii si comenzi: 0729 987 305

Email: info@harmonicdesign.ro

Bucharest, Romania