hd 181

  • passive 2-way loudspeaker with 1x 8” / 1x 1”N in elliptical horn
  • operation with any amplifier
  • precise & even sound radiation
  • clear mid-range & brilliant highs
  • slim and elegant design
  • integrated frequency and phase optimization
  • fullrange without DSP

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hd 181 loudspeaker.

The hd 181 loudspeaker is a passive 2-way system equipped with an 8″ woofer / midrange loudspeaker and a horn-loaded 1″ high-frequency driver in the biradial horn. The specially developed loudspeaker components and the careful tuning lead to a high power handling capacity and longevity of the loudspeaker. The natural, unadulterated sound is particularly noticeable in natural instruments and vocals and is pleasant to the listener. It impresses with a sleek noble design in the rounded roadworthy housing, compact dimensions, high load capacity, outstanding dynamics and long range as well as optimal speech intelligibility, without the horn typical sound. Thanks to the biradial horn, the distribution of the highs is more uniform and not only over-emphasized on the axis and strongly sloping outwards. Another special feature is: an elaborate passive crossover allows usage without DSP.


When used as a system top part, the various sound presets in the DSP make it very easy to work with the hd 181. The combination with the active system subwoofer hd P15 makes the hd 181 extremely attractive for small to medium sound applications. The hd 181-P15 system includes the DSP-controlled system subwoofer hd P15, which drives both the hd 181 mid-high boxes and a passive hd Sub15 and thus acts as a basic building block.


The housing of the hd 181 is made of multiplex wood and provided with a shock, scratch and weatherproof polyurea plastic coating. A ball-proof front grille with internally glued acoustic foam also protects the speaker from splashing water. With a weight of only 12 kg, the box can be easily transported thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, which is at the back. Multiple M8 inlet threads allow operation with a bracket on the crossbar or for tilting and pivoting on the uprights. The NL4 Speakon jacks, which are mounted on the back of the connection panel, are used to connect and forward the input signal. The speaker cabinet is available in the RAL colors and outdoor options.





hd 181


Bass reflex system/biradial horn


1x 8″ LF
1x 1″N HF with elliptical horn


1200 Hz, 2-way passive

Power handling capacity

280W / 800W

Frequency range

70 Hz – 22 kHz

Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m)

95 dB

Max. sound pressure (1 m)

125 dB

Nominal dispersion angle

horizontal 80° x vertical 60°

Nominal impedance

8 Ohms


2x Speakon NL4

Dimensions (W x H x D)

245 x 430 x 280 mm


12 kg


15 mm multiplex birch wood
polyurea plastic coating black
steel grille coated
Acoustic foam
ergonomic transport handle
35mm flange
M8 inlet thread for flight & swivel bracket


Transport Protection Cover
wall mount
mounting adapter
RAL color
weather protection