hd ML8

  • passive 1-way LineArray Stick with 8x 2″
  • coverage 100° x 20°
  • precise & even sound radiation
  • sensitivity 91 dB (1 W/1 m)
  • noble design
  • Weight 4 kg
  • installation version available

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hd ML8 – LineArray Stick

The hd ML8 is a passive 1-way column speaker with an elegant look and excellent sound characteristics. The eight 2″ broadband chassis produce a cylindrical wave radiation characteristic up to the highest audible frequencies. The resulting higher range and better speech intelligibility compared to conventional column loudspeakers predestines the hd ML8 LineArray Sticks for use in acoustically difficult environments such as churches, airports, conference rooms or halls. The large range of up to 12m and horizontal coverage of 100° ensures efficient sound solutions with only a few speakers.The 2″ chassis are the best choice for human voice reproduction due to their low diaphragm weight and nearly the same size as the human vocal cords. The M6 square nut slot on the back of the speaker allows all mounts or a tilting tripod adapter to be attached. A Speakon jack is located on the bottom plate for connecting inputs in mobile applications. A 35 mm flange allows use on a tripod.

In order to transmit a sound event from the fundamental to the overtones, conventional loudspeakers use two or three different types of transducers. This results in incoherence not only in the crossover areas, but also in the important mid-frequency-range due to the different decay times and the different diaphragm mass of the transducers types in a different “response characteristic”. Especially in the reproduction of instruments or speech in which the fundamental range is covered by the one type of transducer and the overtone range by the other type of transducer, the sound is distorted. Here, the consistent 1-way design of the hd ML-Series column speakers offers clear advantages: the full-range speakers, which reproduce the fundamental tone range up to the overtone range, combined with the arrangement as a LineSource, makes the reproduction a first-class listening experience.


hd ML8


cylindrical wave


8x 2″ fullrange chassis


active at 160 Hz

Power handling capacity

200 W / 280W

Frequency range

160 Hz – 20 kHz

Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m)

91 dB

Max. sound pressure (1 m)

119 dB

Nominal dispersion angle

horizontal 100° x vertical 20°

Nominal impedance

8 Ohms


1x Speakon NL4

Dimensions (W x H x D)

80 x 628 x 78 mm


4 kg


Powder-coated aluminium profile black
Steel grille with acoustic foam
1x Speakon NL4 + 35 mm flange on the bottom plate


RAL color
multiple wall mount
special length
weather protection
100V transformer