hd PL32Beam

  • active LineArray Stick with 32x 3″, 32x 75W Class-D
  • up to 4 main beams, independently controllable
  • complex hd Beamforming technology
  • beam title angle ±60°
  • beam opening angle 0° – 90°
  • SPLmax 129 dB (1 m)
  • even horizontal radiation of 80°
  • suitable for music – not just speech

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hd PL32Beam – BeamForming Stick.

The hd PL32Beam is equipped with 32 shielded 3″ broadband speakers, each with 75 W amplifiers and the latest DSP generation. It offers great potential for improving the sound distribution in complex architectures and strongly reverberant rooms. The goal is to focus the sound only on auditory surfaces, while surfaces that cause unwanted reflections and produce disturbing diffuse sound to be shaded. This leads to a much better speech intelligibility and a first-class listening experience for every listener, allows an inconspicuous positioning of the speakers in previously inappropriate positions, as well as a flexible adaptation of the speaker radiation characteristics to different applications.

The hd PL32Beam is free from interference in the important mid-frequency range thanks to the true 1-way design, as there is no shadowing from superior speakers, and no crossover adversely affects the radiation, thus enabling the clean implementation of beamforming algorithms. The result is an extremely homogeneous horizontal radiation of 80° and outstanding sound quality for speech and music, extended dynamics.

The specially developed electronic unit features a high-performance DSP, which exploits all possibilities of modern signal processing to realize extensive beamforming algorithms. Using the intuitive software hd LevelZ, the sound field can be simulated and optimized to achieve the best possible result. The small width of 108 mm makes the hd PL32Beam one of the narrowest beamforming speakers on the market, which is almost invisible in fixed installations. The electronic unit is integrated into the housing of the loudspeaker and is optimally protected by the continuous fine-structured design grid with backed acoustic foam and ensures an unobtrusive integration into any room architecture. The continuous metal rail on the back of the aluminum profile allows the use of M6 square nuts for attaching a wall mount adapter or the use of the tripod adapter for mobile applications. M6 threads on the top and bottom allow wall mounting with L mounting brackets in the smallest space requirement.



hd PL32Beam


cylindrical wave, active beamforming speaker


32x 3″ shielded fullrange chassis


active at 70 Hz


32x 75W, Class-D, digital control

Frequency range

70 Hz – 20 kHz

Max. beam count


Max. sound pressure (1 m)

129 dB

Coverage nominal

horizontal 80°

Vertical beam tilt angle

± 60°, in 0.1° increments

Vertical beam opening angle

0° – 90°, in 0.1° increments


redundant input section with 2x analog inputs and fallback algorithm


Phoenix 3-pole mains
Phoenix 6-pole audio input
Dante Ethernet (optional)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

108 x 3189 x 104 mm


29 kg


Powder-coated aluminium profile black (RAL 9005) or white (RAL 9010)
Steel grille with acoustic foam
2x M6 threads in top/bottom plate
rear connection panel


multiple wall mount
RAL color
special length