hd MP15N

  • passive 2-way speaker with 1x 15″N / 1x 1.4″N
  • coverage 90° x 60° or 60° x 40°, rotatable
  • undistorted sound up to 134 dB
  • low coupling of the driver
  • multifunctional enclosure
  • Weight 23 kg
  • operation with any amplifier
  • two monitor angles 32° and 45°

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hd MP15N.

The hd MP15N is a full-range speaker that has been specifically designed and optimized to be a true multi-purpose speaker for fixed installations and mobile applications. The innovative acoustic design achieves true linear response – not just in terms of flat frequency response, but also in the dynamic range and all other acoustic parameters. A precisely developed and elaborate crossover ensures outstanding performance of the compact speakers. The hd MP15N housings are equipped with the most powerful neodymium woofers with 600 W / 2400 W (RMS / Peak). The new neodymium high-frequency driver is coupled to a large, rotatable horn with a particularly low crossover frequency, which guarantees a high directivity and controlled dispersion in the important voice range. Different horn versions allow horizontal and vertical radiation characteristics of either 90° x 60° or 60° x 40°.

The acoustic and mechanical design guarantees a coherent, trouble-free and balanced reproduction of different music styles and sounds even without additional DSP. Harmonic Design MPs can be easily connected to any standard power amplifier. Noteworthy is the unique reproduction of transients and the tonal depth and clarity of effects. The SuperVented housing design combined with an extremely durable voice coil paired with the neodymium magnet geometry assembly of the latest technology makes the hd MP15N a dynamic full range speaker. They are seamlessly integrated into the Harmonic Design system philosophy by simply adding multiple hd Sub-Series or hd P-Series subwoofers or operating up to four hd MPs on one channel of the Harmonic Design system amplifiers.




The rounded, asymmetrical housing is made of high-strength multiplex wood and is provided with a weatherproof polyurethane coating. The integrated 35 mm tripod adapter allows use on a tripod as a front system and is complemented by two practical monitor angles of 32° and 45° for discreet and high volume monitor applications. Three Speakon connectors – two on the back, one on the bottom – ensure invisible and kink-free wiring. A powder coated steel grille with acoustic foam on the inside protects which protects the speaker components. An ergonomic handle for transport is placed on top. Extensive accessories and twelve integrated M8 mounting points provide maximum flexibility for daily changing sound reinforcement tasks. In addition to the extremely robust polyurethane coating in black, RAL colors are available.



hd MP15N


bass reflex system/symmetrical horn


1x 15″ LF Neodym
1x 1.4″ HF Neodym


900 Hz, 2-way passive

Power handling capacity

600 W

Frequency range

50 Hz – 20 kHz

Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m)

101 dB

Max. sound pressure (1 m)

134 dB

Nominal dispersion angle

horizontal 90° x vertical 60°
horizontal 60° x vertical 40°

Nominal impedance

8 Ohms


3x Speakon NL4

Dimensions (W x H x D)

430 x 650 x 380 mm


23 kg


15 mm multiplex birch wood
32° and 45° monitor angle
polyurea plastic coating black
ergonomic transport handle
12x M8 inlet threads
recessed connection panel with 2x NL4
1x NL4 on underside
35 mm flange
Steel grille with acoustic foam


Transport Protection Cover
RAL color
wall mount
weather protection
mounting adapter